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Weddings 2020

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Hello everyone! Well... Corona-virus has successfully almost killed our year of beautiful weddings in 2020! We’ve got a few brides keen on still tying the knot despite the restrictions and celebrating with family and friends later on which is rad and we are so damn pumped to be part of these very special nuptials! but most people are opting to postpone to 2021 which is also cool for us!

We are only taking limited bookings for wedding in 2021 so please get in touch with us ASAP with your new wedding date if you are moving it. We are lucky because Hailey came from a family heavily into the flower game so we're able to pull a few strings and get more florists on board if required for the big weekends. We will always accommodate our existing bookings, this year has been hard on everyone! We could only imagine how hard it would be to put off a day you’ve been dreaming about since forever!

And anyone who has put in a wedding enquiry form – apologies for delayed replies! We feel we need to accommodate our 2020 brides first and allow them the freedom to reschedule before we book up 2021.

If you'd love a quote and want to nail us down for your wedding day – we will verbally give you a basic rundown on costs free of charge! Written quotes are $50 and that is taken off in flower value if you decide to book with us. I urge anyone who has emailed us recently (we've got so many its crazy) and haven’t received a reply – to pick up the phone, give us a buzz and let's have a conversation!

Above all – this year is about looking after each other, making the most of the small things and just getting through this pandemic.

Much love as always, Hailey and the Valentina Crew xxx.



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