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Hailey grew up on a flower farm in Far East Gippsland, so you could say she has flowers running through her veins. As a kid she worked on the farm with her family  “it was always hard yakka, but character building!” She states. “I have many memories of the hard work we did as kids.” Hailey maintains that the work ethic engrained from a young age is the main reason for her outstanding successes as an accomplished business woman.


She worked wholesale division in the Melbourne markets in Footscray as a teen and then Bridge Road Florist in Richmond honing her skills for years creating a solid foundation and understanding of how the flower business works before opening Valentina Flowers in Traralgon.


Hailey enjoys event and wedding florals as well as simply wrapping up cut flowers in store for her regular customers. “I love the small stuff as much as the really large scale jobs… I just enjoy flowers in general, my house is full of my favourite flowers and plants. I love the customers and the team i've built. It is what keeps me going!" she maintains. 

“Valentina is not just a job, its my passion and I strive for that love to show through every day.”

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