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Spring is here flower lovers! and this time of year we are usually crazy busy doing weddings and making pretty bouquets for glorious ceremonies! However, COVID-19 has changed all that and instead, we are enjoying the good weather and looking forward to Christmas - what will it be like this year!?

We are excited to be adding a range of hampers to our website for our customers to send to their friends and families together with flowers or wine or just sent on their own! We should see this range go up on our website in the next few weeks and I think they'll go well for Christmas as this Christmas is a very different one from previous years for everybody, including us.

We are also proud to announce that at Valentina this will be the first time we are closing the store and taking time off between Christmas and New Years. We will close Christmas Eve and reopen Monday the 4th January. This will ensure the girls all have a nice break and are ready to get into a very busy year for 2021 with all our weddings booked and regular clients.

We will be doing a range of Christmas centerpieces and wreaths for xmas this year, stay tuned for updates on these!

Much love as always, Hailey and the Valentina Crew xxx.



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