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My top wedding flower tips!

Here are my 3 biggest tips for couples to create the best possible wedding set up ever & to stay sane during the process! 


Book a florist you love and matches your vibe! This will make or break your design, we all have our own style so pick someone your soul grooves with. If flowers and design are important to you.. budget accordingly, the best florries aren't the cheapest.

TIP 2 

Keep your mind open.  We often get couples with a set idea of "i want exactly this, just like the picture "...but the picture and flowers are often not from Australian sites and also heavily photoshopped and filtered. This can be detrimental to your wedding in the end, the flowers have to suit your venue, the time the venue allows for set up and your budget. Give your florry a bit of creative freedom and if they're worth their salts they'll sieze the opportunity and make the whole uniquly theirs and totally epic.


Bloom size = bang for buck. 

Love tulips? costs a fortune to have these head to head as they are small.

Australian natives = cost efficient because they are big (seasonal avalibility permitting). Pretty simple!

 Ask your florist which blooms will be in season and create "Max impact per bloom" - That's what youre after for your wedding day. Trust me. Your budget won't be blown out and you'll love what your florist has created.

Also ask how your florist could "pad them out" with greeneries and seasonal fillers. we have so many tricks up our sleeve to make it look 'bigger'.

All the best & happy planning 👍 


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